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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins




Box underview



 Tumble mount




Box rak frame with tumble mount.


BOX-RAK &  Tray-rak

A simple tough plastic box or tray firmly mounted onto your tow-ball / towbar. The mounting position can be varied to suit a vehicle with a boot mounted spare wheel. The box can be tilted away from the back of the car to allow access to the boot or back door.

Tilts down to allow access to the boot.

Optional Tumble mount allows the box to tumble away from the car to allow access to boot or back door (£35).

Further option to tilt and tumble for ultimate clearance. Casters work well with tumble mount.

Two bike racks @£40 can also be fixed to the tumble mount. Add 2 to cart 

Keep your car clean - Use the towbar box to carry luggage, rubbish, wet clothes, muddy kit or anything else.

185 litres - internal size L 65 x W 41 x H 48 cm, external L 85 x W 61 x H 59 cm Wt 9Kg. Max 75Kg load

4 point detachable / hinging lid with moulded in padlock eyes. Dark grey colour latest batch with light grey lids.

The box can be mounted further away from the vehicle to clear a spare wheel by using alternative bolt positions.

We recommend a maximum weight of 60kg evenly distributed - but heavy items should be in the form of cases or bags that will not move around in the box. This may be limited by the capability of your towbar,

The box is available with casters that allow it to be moved easily - use in the garden for collecting rubbish - then straight onto the tow-ball and down the dump. Or easily move your luggage.

A light bar [£20] can be bolted to the side of the box if the box hides lights fit only the numberplate. if that is all that is hidden.

The Box-rak is part of our basket-rak family. The Spine of the basket-rak is used for the box-rak and it can be fitted with a tray to give you even more capabilities.

Latest box colours vary ring for details

Complete kit [no casters] is £149 inc VAT. Add Casters =£20 inc VAT

OFFER : The complete box and fittings for £149 including VAT

OFFER : Tray-rak - box rak frame with a plastic tray £95

Buy the frame with mount on its own and fit your own box    Add to cart

Mainland UK ONLY  for box because of carriage charges

Now available is Big Box Rack- the heavy duty spine from the normal box rak with our huge plastic box.

See home page for details.

Add box-rak to cart    Add casters to cart     Add light-bar to cart     Add tray-rak to cart    Add tumble mount


The towball mounted Box or Tray      

A robust plastic box or tray mounted on your tow-ball.   


BOX 185 litres -  external L 85 x W 61 x H 59 cm Wt 9Kg. Max 60Kg load.  4 point detachable lid with moulded in padlock eyes.

Box-rak bargain £149inc VAT


Latest boxes colour varies. Ring for details Mainland UK ONLY because of carriage charges


 Exactly the same box is used by one of our favourite charities - Shelterbox.org as you will see for the accompanying photo. For every box-rak sold we will donate £2.50 to Shelterbox (in addition to our other donations). See www.shelterbox.org

We also do a large aluminium box that fits on the base-rak                                           Shelterboxes in Sumatrashelterbox using the same box in Sumatra

Note - due to their size, boxes cannot be sent to eu countries for our normal rates.

For your information we have only a couple of competitors with what we think are silly prices:

The alternatives on the market are the Thule bakup box which carries 50kg and sells for £269 plus £143 for its base unit.   See http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thule-Easybase-Backup-420-Litre/dp/B001CC6XOM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318591200&sr=8-2


Or the Westfalia Portilo system which carries 45 kg sells for £280 plus £329 for the bike rack it mounts on. See http://www.pfjones.co.uk/westfalia-portilo-cargo-box.html



Contact details - Tel 01462420102 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0845 644 6884 for technical queries    e-mail sales@bak-rak.com