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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



View of complete rack

Kit of parts




Top holder showing lock

Frame with no canoes




A complete carrying solution with space for up to two canoes.

Using the best materials - stainless steel and aluminium.

1.75 metres high to stably carry most canoes.

Light weight and heavy-duty. Weighs about 10kg (no canoes)

Adjustable for most sizes of canoe (Shown is the very wide Wavesport Scooter)

Minimal effect on vehicle drag so fuel consumption virtually unaffected. Particularly 4X4's and campers.

Just needs a duplicate numberplate on most cars.

Comes complete with all the parts to fit a standard 50mm towball (swan-neck, removable or flange towball)

Adjustable tilt angle to compensate for towball fitment.

just £280 complete inc VAT  (UK) (£10 delivery)

Add Canoe rak to cart for £280

Contact details - Tel 01462420102 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0845 644 6884 for technical queries    e-mail sales@bak-rak.com