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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins

Economy and Environment

bak-rak carries loads in the most efficient position on a vehicle, both from the point of view of loading and economy.

If you have tried to load heavy cases into a roof-box you would know how inconvenient is loading onto the roof.

And if you have seen those cars with flapping plastic on their roof-rack, you would get some idea of the forces involved to push a roof-load through the air. A bale of hay could blow completely away on a roof-top motorway journey!

Independent tests have put the drag increase due to a roof-box on some cars at 70mph as over 10%. Drag increases as the square of speed you can see this will be even more significant at higher speeds.

The effect of a load on bak-rak is likely to be unnoticeable. In fact on most cars it will slightly reduce the drag by filling-in the aerodynamically dead area behind the car.

So using bak-rak in preference to a roof-box or rack does a little bit toward the environment. [and your wallet]



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