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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



Our Responsibility

We will provide you with a rack that is virtually indestructible if used as intended. It will be available for a lifetime of hard-work.

We give a formal  warranty [for the detail that you are agreeing to see the 'not so small' print below.] However, with no formal commitment, we will support users indefinitely within our capabilities. We believe in bak-rak and hope users will identify with our product - we want you to be so pleased with it that you persuade all your friends to buy one!

However due to the nature of a back rack it is always possible to abuse it, and because we cannot control what you do with it we have to place some limits on our responsibility.

Your bak-rak is covered for all normal damage through wear and tear for 2-years [base-rak for 5 years] from purchase date. To register for the additional warranty you will need to give us an e-mail address [or postal address ] through which we can contact you. Until we get this information the standard one-year warranty applies.

This additional warranty in no way affects your statutory rights.

 The rack is not covered for damage caused by accident or mis-use including overloading. However we will try to deal helpfully with any problems you may have, so do get in touch should you inadvertently damage your rack.

Your responsibility

It is up to you to use the rack sensibly by mounting it carefully, checking nothing is working loose and loading it sensibly within the limitations of your vehicle.

Any legal requirements for lighting, number plates, vehicle capability etc. are down to you.

We know exactly what loads are needed to bend a bak-rak. These are substantially in excess of the rated loading. So it will be no surprise that we exclude any claims due to overloading.

We accept no liability whatsoever for any direct or resultant loss or damage caused by the rack being inadequately attached to the vehicle or by items falling from the rack or by incorrect use of the rack causing or resulting in damage to the vehicle or tow-bracket or passengers or any third party. It is up to you to check the rack mounting and load fixing before you set off and as often as needed during a journey.

In no circumstances should you carry people or children  on the rack, even off the road.  Almost certainly your insurance will be invalid And we accept absolutely no liability.




Contact Details - Tel 0845 00 33 4 55   e-mail sales@bak-rak.com