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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



There are several legal limitations on the use of the rack.

Loading - the new EEC tow-bar requirements specify the vertical and horizontal loads that can be applied on the tow-bar. Our site has a list of most current vehicles with the vertical load and the resultant limit for bak-rak. As bak-rak weighs slightly less than 10kg the load can be calculated by subtracting 10kg from the maximum allowable vertical load [nose-weight] which you should find on a plate on the tow-bar. Bak-rak itself has a maximum loading of 125kg uniformly spread over the rack. In practice it is acceptable to concentrate this load close to the tow-ball, or along the centre-line of the rack. The optional load-straps supporting the outside of the rack from the top of the rear door/hatchback can allow the load to be increased, providing the load on the tow-bracket doesn't exceed the legal maximum. As the vehicle manufacturers won't give a figure for the acceptable loads on the rear hatch it is up to the user to 'load safely' and we recommend sticking to the 100kg max figure. If you need to look up the tow-ball capacity for your car then look here on the PCT web-site http://www.pct-automotive.co.uk/


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